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A plan as big as the place

How we can protect a grand place teaming with wildlife: B.C.'s Muskwa-Kechika

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Roosts for tomorrow

A webinar by Cori Lausen on the use of bat boxes

WCS Canada scientists get their boots muddy studying wildlife and wild places across Canada in hopes of spurring action to address our growing biodiversity crisis.

A new conservation tool

Key Biodiversity Areas help us pinpoint areas that are most important for protecting of biodiversity

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Life continues after the burn for Yukon forests

Burned and beetle-killed forests need protection too

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Latest policy comments

WCS Canada Comments - Recovery strategy for Ontario's Ontario’s Eastern Whip-poorwill - August 2019
We provide comments on the province of Ontario's recovery strategy outlined for the Eastern Whip-poor-will, an aerial insectivore.
WCS Canada Comments - Webequie Supply Road Project Assessment - August 2019
We are providing comments on the proposal by Webequie First Nation to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency who are determining whether a federal environmental assessment is required for the designated project. We recommend that a federal assessment must be undertaken for this project, and that the federal Environmental Assessment Agency should use the Ring of Fire to complete a pilot regional assessment under the new Impact Assessment Act.
Joint Comment - Fulfilling commitments to restore lost environmental protections and credibility to environmental assessment processes - August 2019
Letter from WCS Canada and other organisations regarding the proposed regulations under the new Impact Assessment Act.

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