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COVID-19 and Conservation

Planetary health has never been more important to human health. Learn what WCS Canada is doing to help.

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Wolverine: Ghost of the Northern Forest

WCS Canada wolverine researcher Matt Scrafford is featured in this amazing video that focuses on research Matt helped lead in northern Alberta.

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WCS Canada scientists get their boots muddy studying wildlife and wild places across Canada in hopes of spurring action to address our growing biodiversity crisis.

A new conservation tool

Key Biodiversity Areas help us pinpoint areas that are most important for protecting of biodiversity

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Coronavirus outbreak shows the risk in ignoring human activity’s impact on nature

We’re just one inhabitant of the planet, although we’re overtaking it, absolutely. And we need the health of the planet.

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Latest policy comments

WCS Comments - FAQ: Ecosystem Integrity in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework - February 2020
WCS prepared a response to Frequently Asked Questions on ecosystem integrity to the Convention on Biological Diversity's post 2020 framework.
WCS Canada Comments - Proposed changes to black bear hunting regulations - February 2020
We provide recommendations to the Ontario government in response to their proposal to implement a regular spring black bear hunt, which comes only three years after the initiation of a five-year pilot project to assess black bear harvest sustainability. We recommend that the implementation of a regular hunt be postponed at least until the pilot project ends in 2021, and the data and results of the project can finish being collected and analyzed.
WCS Position Statement - Convention on Biological Diversity, towards the development of a biodiversity strategy for 2020-2030 - January 2020
WCS prepared a submission to the Convention on Biological Diversity in response to the Zero Draft of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

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