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About Us

Our Vision 

WCS Canada envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth. 

Our Mission 

WCS Canada saves wildlife and wild places in Canada through science, conservation action, and by inspiring people to value nature. WCS Canada uses a unique blend of on-the-ground scientific research and policy action to help protect wildlife across Canada. Our scientists are leaders in developing solutions to address conservation challenges, from the impacts of climate change on wildlife and wild areas to the cumulative effects of resource development and other human impacts. We work in some of the wildest corners of Canada to build a scientific case for the conservation of globally important wild areas, like the far north in Ontario, the Northern Boreal Mountains of BC and Yukon, and the Arctic Ocean, where there is still a big opportunity to protect intact ecosystems. We combine insights gained from our “muddy boots” fieldwork with a big-picture conservation vision to speak up for species such as caribou, wolverine, bats, bison, freshwater fish and marine mammals. This unique approach has led to many conservation successes, including a seven-fold expansion of Nahanni National Park, protection of Yukon’s pristine Peel Watershed and the creation of the Castle Wildland Park in southern Alberta. WCS’ research and conservation efforts in northern Ontario, meanwhile, have inspired the provincial government to commit to large-scale protection of the far north, revising endangered species legislation, as well as the federal government’s commitment to reform the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. 

Our Values 

  • Respect: We treat co-workers, partners, and communities in the places where we work with respect and dignity and show regard for the views and opinions of others. 
  • Accountability and Transparency: We focus on results and measurable outcomes, take responsibility for our decisions and actions, and are honest about our successes and failures. 
  • Innovation: We evaluate established ideas and practices, learn from experience, and introduce new methods and concepts. 
  • Diversity and inclusion: We value staff and community partners from all backgrounds and cultures with different skills, abilities, and perspectives; we ensure that everyone has an opportunity to fully contribute to our mission. 
  • Collaboration: We embrace teamwork and encourage people, organizations, and jurisdictions to work together to develop solutions to the world’s conservation challenges. 
  • Integrity: We act in a manner consistent with our core values and charitable mission and uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour.

Our Conservation Successes

  • WCS Canada research on habitat use by caribou and grizzly bear demonstrated the need to expand Nahanni National Park. In 2009 the federal government followed our recommendations, increasing the park size sevenfold -- from 4,766 sq. km to 30,745 sq. km.
  • Research by WCS Canada on the ecological importance of the Flathead River Valley, on the B.C.-Montana border, led to a ban on mining and oil and gas exploration in the upper basin.
  • WCS Canada’s Dr. Don Reid was a special advisor to the Peel Watershed Commission, which recommended protection for 81% of this pristine Yukon watershed, based on his conservation assessment.
  • WCS Canada played a major role guiding the development of a National Recovery Strategy for Boreal Caribou. This groundbreaking plan will benefit many boreal species.
  • WCS Canada has advised the Province of Ontario on development of conservation legislation, including the Endangered Species Act and the Lake Simcoe Conservation Act, by ensuring both acts were based on solid conservation science.

Our Finances

WCS Canada audited financial statements are available for the last three fiscal years. Our fiscal year ends 30th June annually. As all charities are required to do, we report additional financial information to the Canada Revenue Agency annually.


For more information please contact our Director of Finance and Operations, Gillian Woolmer.

Key Staff

Justina Ray
President & Senior Scientist


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