2009 Fellows

Ontario Northern Boreal

Ben O'Reilly, University of Toronto, MSc Candidate, is conducting research on the paleoecology (the study of fossils and ecosystems) and paleohydrology (the science of historic hydrologic systems as they existed during previous periods of Earth’s history) of the Hudson Bay Lowland. His work will help WCS to better understand future carbon storage capacity given current projections for rapid climate change in the sub-Arctic northern boreal landscape.

Julee Boan, Lakehead University, PhD Candidate, is researching the impact of how different tree planting techniques (reforestation) may be impacting moose, white-tailed deer and woodland caribou habitat in the managed forests of English River and Caribou Forest and in Wabikimi Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario.  This work supports our understanding of woodland ecology and habitat conservation in managed public forest.

Mark Basterfield, Trent University, MSc Candidate, is conducting research on the habitat selection patterns of the Owl-Flintstone herd of woodland caribou in Manitoba.  This work will help WCS better understand the responses of woodland caribou in managed forests with different levels of land use and planning and policy regulations. 

Northern Boreal Mountains

Krista Sittler, MSc Candidate, University of Northern British Columbia. Krista’s research is focussed on the influences of prescribed fire on two focal ungulate species in Northern British Columbia, as her Masters thesis in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies.