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Citizen Science for Bats

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Citizen Science for Bats
(January 25, 2016) Although we currently know surprisingly little about bats in winter in western Canada, WCS Canada is making giant leaps filling critical knowledge gaps through our on the ground research and citizen science programs. In 2015, WCS launched a new citizen science initiative call the BatCaver Program.  This citizen science program is aimed largely at cavers, mine enthusiasts, and others who go underground in western Canada, with funding support from Environment Canada’s Habitat Stewa...


Boreal Forest Conservation and the Paris Climate Agreement

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Boreal Forest Conservation and the Paris Climate Agreement
(January 03, 2016) The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, signed by Canada and 195 other countries, has been greeted with much fanfare and enormous relief. After decades of mounting scientific evidence for the negative impacts of a changing climate – on people, wildlife and all ecosystems from forests to oceans – the highest levels of government are finally recognizing climate change as an immediate threat. Now the real work begins. Canada is one of the highest per capita emitters of CO2, and...


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