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2015 Annual Report

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2015 Annual Report
(November 26, 2015) It’s the story of the century: how will climate change reshape our planet’s natural systems? We tackle that story from a couple of unique perspectives in our just released annual report. First, we turn to the Arctic, where temperatures are rising faster than almost anywhere else on the planet. WCS Canada northern researcher Dr. Don Reid describes how melting ice and changing habitats are already threatening wildlife survival. WCS scientists at work in the Arctic. Further south, ...


Upsidedown and Underground: Going to Bat for Bats

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Upsidedown and Underground: Going to Bat for Bats
(November 25, 2015) WCS Canada has teamed up with cavers across western Canada in an effort to stop the spread of White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) by launching the BatCaver program.Bats in North America face catastrophic declines due to a fungal pathogen causing WNS. Typified by a white fungus growing on the nose of bats, the disease kills the animals while they hibernate and has spread across eastern North America, with up to 99 percent mortality of bats in any given winter roost.The chief aim of the BatCaver program is ...


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