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New Bat Habitat Discovered in Western Alberta

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(February 25, 2016) **NEWS RELEASE** New Bat Habitat Discovered in Western AlbertaResident species confirmed as endangered Northern Myotis and Little Brown batsCentral Alberta (February 25, 2016) WCS Canada announced today the discovery of two bat hibernacula —places where bats hibernate during winter months—in the Alberta foothills. The discovery was made recently during Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada’s ongoing research as part of the BatCaver program ( In all, ...


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Habitat Restoration and Protecting Caribou Populations

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Habitat Restoration and Protecting Caribou Populations
(February 25, 2016) Habitat loss is – by far – the most common reason species become at risk of extinction. There are many ways to combat this threat, including protecting key areas from human activities, and restoring habitat that has been removed or otherwise damaged.Habitat restoration must play a large role in recovery efforts for boreal caribou. Many populations are declining where human activities like forest harvesting, agriculture, settlement, oil sands and roads have damaged or destroyed their ...


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