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Ontario Live Bait Fisheries: What's at Stake
Live bait fishing uses live animals such as small fish, frogs, and leeches to attract larger game fish, and is popular with recreational anglers because it is an effective way to catch fish. Most anglers in Ontario use live bait, and the industry is valued at $20 million. Despite these benefits, the live bait industry also has downsides. WCS Canada has reviewed the options and provided some key recommendations to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.
Integrating Wildlife and Culture: A New Framework for Conservation
Over the past century, successive generations of citizens and government leaders have worked hard to save the core of the Crown of the Continent ecosystem by establishing world-class parks and wildernesses, coupled with conservation of critical wildlife habitat on state and private lands along the periphery. These collective achievements constitute a great gift, but one important piece remains missing in this remarkable legacy: the Badger-Two Medicine.
Ontario's Vision for Mineral Exploration and Mining: Renewing the Mineral Development Strategy
Recently, Ontario's Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) invited input on the renewal of Ontario's Mineral Development Strategy (MDS) . When the strategy was developed nine years ago, Ontario's mining sector was on an upswing. The current MDS needs to consider these inevitable downturns and with this in mind, we offered four recommendations.
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WCS Canada Statement on the Yukon Supreme Court Decision on the Yukon Government’s Peel Watershed Plan
In response to a landmark decision made by the Yukon Supreme Court regarding the Peel Watershed planning process, WCS Canada‘s Dr. Donald Reid stated: “Wildlife Conservation Society Canada is very encouraged by the Yukon Supreme Court&rs......
Helping to Stop the Spread of White Nose Sundrome
Canadian bats are threatened by the devastating effects of White Nose Syndrome. Dr. Cori Lausen and her team try to mitigate the spread of the disease and get to know bats in Western Canada.
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