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Saving our caribou forces us to face tough questions
Recovery planning for endangered caribou in the southern part of the province began 16 years ago and made little headway until very recently. But now just as governments finally (and belatedly) take steps to help herds that are, in some cases, on the brink of disappearing, a public backlash is building, driven by rumours of mill closures and closed backcountry areas.  
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The Birds That Are Helping Save Their Own Species
By Hilary Cooke Blackpoll warblers wearing geolocator backpacks are revealing where they rest during migrationOn a warm June morning in 2016, a male blackpoll warbler was busy defending a breeding territory near Whitehorse, Yukon. Singing its hi......
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Studying the Elusive Wolverine, a Threatened Species in Northern Ontario
Matthew Scrafford is the Wolverine Conservation Scientist within Ontario’s Northern Boreal Landscape program at WCS Canada. Matthew works with government, indigenous groups, and trappers to advance the understanding and conservation of wolverine in Ontario. 
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Life Under the Ice
With ice melting in Canada’s Northwest Passage, the area will soon be a new route for international shipping. This will have potentially big impacts on the life there. We are studying the area and planning for this with local communities, government scientists, and managers. For one part of that work, we are going to document the marine life in the western Canadian Arctic, in particular the remote and mostly frozen Viscount Melville Sound. Let’s look under the ice!
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Ontario’s review of Endangered Species Act must address long-term ecosystem damage
Are protections for endangered species just another bureaucratic burden that is holding back economic development in Ontario? 

That’s the below-the-surface premise that seems to lie behind the Ford government’s latest action to “streamline” environmental regulation in this province. Last week, the government announced a review of the Endangered Species Act, saying that the current act is “unclear, administratively burdensome, time consuming and costly for applicants, and (creates) barriers to economic development.”

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