WCS Canada Comments - Forest Stewardship Plan 2021-2016 - February 2021
We provided comments on the Forest Stewardship Plan 2021-2026. We recommend seeking advice by bat specialists on a regular basis, creating a section for bats in the FSP, and recommend actively searching for nursery, roosting and hibernation habitat in and around proposed cutblocks.
WCS Canada Comments - Planning the Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire Area - January 2021
We responded to a request for input by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) to support development of the Terms of Reference and Potential Agreement for the Regional Assessment (RA) of the Ring of Fire region in northern Ontario. We recommend that the IAAC must address COVID-19 and community crises affecting First Nation's priorities. We also suggest that outputs of the RA, as well as the Terms of Reference and Potential Agreements for the RA should be co-created with First Nations out of respect and acknowledgement of Indigenous rights and authority in the region.
WCS Canada Comments - Environment and Climate Change Canada Natural Climate Solutions Program Design - January 2021
We were invited to participate in a discussion on the potential approaches to implementing Natural Climate Solutions. Here, we provide recommendations, including but not limited to, the conservation of high-carbon ecosystems including peatlands.
WCS Canada Comments - Far North Act - January 2021
We provided comments on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s proposed amendments to the Far North Act, 2010. We recommend working with First Nations communities to co-develop an equitable planning and decision-making process that enables and supports cooperative, proactive, regional-scale planning. We also recommend formally engaging in regional impact assessments and using a cumulative-effects framework.
WCS Canada Comments - Ocean Noise Strategy for Canada - January 2021
We provided recommendations to DFO on their discussion document on Canada's Ocean Noise Strategy. Our specific comments address the unique character of the Arctic marine environment, management responses and further research and monitoring needs.

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