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Kehm, G. 2021 North American Boreal Terrestrial Ecosystem Biomass: A Spatial Data Review,
Dimoff, S.A, Halliday, W.D. , Pine, M.K., Tietjen, K.L., Juanes, F. and Baum, J.K. 2021. The utility of different acoustic indicators to describe biological sounds of a coral reef soundscape, Ecological Indicators, Volume 124
Southee, F.M., Edwards, B.A., Chetkiewicz, C-L. B. and O’Connor, C.M. 2021. Freshwater conservation planning in the far north of Ontario, Canada: identifying priority watersheds for the conservation of fish biodiversity in an intact boreal landscape, FACETS 6: 90–117
Nikolich, K., Halliday, W.D., Pine, M.K. , Cox, K., Black, M., Morris, C. and Juanes, F. 2021 The sources and prevalence of anthropogenic noise in Rockfish Conservation Areas with implications for marine reserve planning, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 164
Mitchell, M.G.E., Schuster, R., Jacob, A.L., Hanna, D.E.L., Dallaire, C.O., Raudsepp-Hearne, C., Bennet, E.M., Lehner, B. and Chan, K. 2021. Identifying key ecosystem service providing areas to inform national-scale conservation planning, Environmental Research Letters 16(1)
Haase, C.G., Fuller, N.W., Dzal, Y.A., Hranac, C.R., Hayman, D.T.S., Lausen, C.L. , Silas, K.A., Olson, S.H. and Plowright, R.K. 2020. Body mass and hibernation microclimate may predict bat susceptibility to white‐nose syndrome, Ecology and Evolution
Halliday, W.D., et al. (including Pine, M.K. and Insley, S.J. ). 2020. Potential exposure of beluga and bowhead whales to underwater noise from ship traffic in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, Ocean and Coastal Management 204(105473)
Cominelli, S., Halliday, W.D., Pine, M.K., Hilliard, R.C., Lawson, J.W., Duman, N.I., Devillers, R. 2020. Vessel noise in spatially constricted areas: Modeling acoustic footprints of large vessels in the Cabot Strait, Eastern Canada, Ocean & Coastal Management 194
Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C. and Sharma, S. 2020. Impacts of co‐occurring environmental changes on Alaskan stream fishes, Freshwater Biology
Pine, M.K., Halliday, W.D., Insley, S.J. and Juanes, F. 2020. Fish sounds near Sachs Harbour and Ulukhaktok in Canada’s Western Arctic, Polar Biology 43:1207–1216
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