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Steiner, N.S. et al (incl. Insley, S.J. ). 2021. Climate change impacts on sea-ice ecosystems and associated ecosystem services, Elementa Science of the Anthropocene
Rachel Godinho Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Letter of Acknowledgement,
Scrafford, M. 2021. Red Lake Wolverine Project Field Report 2019-2020,
Perujo, N., Van den Brink, P.J., Segner, H., Mantyka-Pringle, C. , Sabater, S., Birk, S., Bruder, A., Romero, F. and Acuña, V. A guideline to frame stressor effects in freshwater ecosystems, Science of The Total Environment 777(146112)
Halliday, W.D.2021. Arctic Crashes: People and Animals in the Changing North (Book Review), Marine Mammal Science 37: 1166-1167.
Joël Potié; Donald Reid Conservation of Lakeshore Zones in the Northern Boreal Mountains: State of Knowledge, and Principles and Guidelines for Planning and Management. WCS Canada Conservation Report No.14.,
Desforges, J.E. et al. (incl. O'Connor, C.M.). 2021. On the alarming state of freshwater biodiversity in Canada, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Ray, J.C. , Olive, A. and Grimm, J. The biodiversity crisis in Canada: failures and challenges of federal and sub-national strategic and legal frameworks, FACETS 6: 1044–1068
Insley, S.J. , Tauzer, L.M., Halliday, W.D. , Illasiak, J. Green, R. Kudlak, A. and Kuptana, J. 2021. Ringed Seal Diet and Body Condition in the Amundsen Gulf region, Eastern Beaufort Sea, Arctic 74(2): 127-138
Hooker, S.K., Andrews, R.D., Arnould, J. P. Y., Bester, M.N., Davis, R.W., Insley, S.J. , Gales, N.J., Goldsworthy, S.D. and McKnight, J.C. 2021. Fur seals do, but sea lions don’t — cross taxa insights into exhalation during ascent from dives, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 376: 20200219
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