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Stralberg, D. et al. (including Cooke, H.A.). 2020. Climate‐change refugia in boreal North America: what, where, and for how long, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 18(5): 261-270
Scrafford, M.A., Nobert, B.R., and Boyce, M.S. 2020. Beaver (Castor canadensis) use of borrow pits in an industrial landscape in northwestern Alberta, Journal of Environmental Management 269.
Orr, J.A., Vinebrooke, R.D., Jackson, M.C., Kroeker, K.J., Kordas, R.L., Mantyka-Pringle, C., Van den Brink, P.J., De Laender, F., Stoks, R., Holmstrup, M., Matthaei, C.D., Monk, W.A., Penk, M.R., Leuzinger, S., Schäfer, R.B. and Piggott. 2020. Towards a unified study of multiple stressors: divisions and common goals across research disciplines, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287: 20200421.
Halliday, W.D., Scharffenberg, K., Whalen, D., MacPhee, S.A., Loseto, L.L., Insley, S.J. 2020. The summer soundscape of a shallow-water estuary used by beluga whales in the western Canadian Arctic, Arctic Science
Cooke, S.J., Cech, J.J., Glassman, D.M., Simard, J., Louttit, S., Lennox, R.J., Cruz-Font, L. and O’Connor, C.M. 2020. Water resource development and sturgeon (Acipenseridae): state of the science and research gaps related to fish passage, entrainment, impingement and behavioural guidance, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (PDF)
Cooke, H.A. and Tauzer, L.M. 2020. Unique songbird communities in mature riparian spruce forest compared with upland forest in southern Yukon, Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Lescord, G.L., Johnston, T.A., Heerschap, M.J., Keller, W., Southee, F.M., O'Connor, C.M., Dyer, R.D., Branfireun, B.A., and Gunn, J.M. 2019. Arsenic, chromium, and other elements of concern in fish from remote boreal lakes and rivers: Drivers of variation and implications for subsistence consumption, Environmental Pollution
Southall, B.L., Casey, C., Holt, M., Insley, S.J., and Reichmuth, C. 2019. High-amplitude vocalizations of male northern elephant seals and associated ambient noise on a breeding rookery, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 146, 4514
Halliday, W., Scharffenberg, K., MacPhee, S., Hilliard, R.C., Mouy, X., Whalen, D., Loseto, L.L., and Insley, S.J. 2019. Beluga Vocalizations Decrease in Response to Vessel Traffic in the Mackenzie River Estuary, Arctic 72(4): 337-484
Johnson, C.J., Venter, O., Ray, J.C., and Watson, J.E.M. 2019. Growth‐inducing infrastructure represents transformative yet ignored keystone environmental decisions, Conservation Letters
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