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Insley, S.J. , Tauzer, L.M., Halliday, W.D. , Illasiak, J. Green, R. Kudlak, A. and Kuptana, J. 2021. Ringed Seal Diet and Body Condition in the Amundsen Gulf region, Eastern Beaufort Sea, Arctic 74(2): 127-138
Hooker, S.K., Andrews, R.D., Arnould, J. P. Y., Bester, M.N., Davis, R.W., Insley, S.J. , Gales, N.J., Goldsworthy, S.D. and McKnight, J.C. 2021. Fur seals do, but sea lions don’t — cross taxa insights into exhalation during ascent from dives, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 376: 20200219
Lausen, C.L. , Proctor, M.F., Paetkau, D., Nagorsen, D.W., Govindarajulu, P., Burles, D. and Blejwas, K. 2021. Reply to the comment by Morales et al. on “Population genetics reveal Myotis keenii (Keen’s myotis) and Myotis evotis (long-eared myotis) to be a single species”, Canadian Journal of Zoology 99(5): 423-432
Keatts, L. O., Robards, M., Olson, S.H., Hueffer, K., Insley, S.J. , Joly, D.O., Kutz, S., Lee, D.S., Chetkiewicz, C-L, B. , Lair, S., Preston, N.D., Pruvot, M., Ray, J.C. , Reid, D. , Sleeman, J.M., Stimmelmayr, R., Stephen, C. and Walzer, C. 2021. Implications of Zoonoses From Hunting and Use of Wildlife in North American Arctic and Boreal Biomes: Pandemic Potential, Monitoring, and Mitigation, Frontiers in Public Health
Kochanowicz, Z., Dawson, J., Halliday, W.D. , Sawada, M., Copland, L., Carter, N.A., Nicoll, A., Ferguson, S.H., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Marcoux, M,. Watt, C. and Yurkowski, D. 2021. Using western science and Inuit knowledge to model ship-source noise exposure for cetaceans (marine mammals) in Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound), Nunavut, Canada, Marine Policy
Hranac, C., Haase, C.G., Fuller, N.W., McClure, M.L., Marshall, J.C., Lausen, C.L. , McGuire, L.P., Olson, S.H. and Hayman, D.T.S. 2021. What is winter - Modelling spatial variation in bat host traits and hibernation and their implications for overwintering energetics, Ecology and Evolution
Halliday, W.D. , Barclay, D., Barkley, A.N., Cook, E., Dawson, J., Hilliard, R.C., Hussey, N., Jones, J., Juanes, F., Marcoux, M., Niemi, A,. Nudds, S., Pine, M.K. , Richards, C., Scharffenberg, K., Westdal, K., and Insley, S.J. . 2021. Underwater sound levels in the Canadian Arctic, 2014–2019, Marine Pollution Bulletin 168: 112437
Carroll, C. and Ray, J.C. Maximizing the effectiveness of national commitments to protected area expansion for conserving biodiversity and ecosystem carbon under climate change, Global Change Biology
Insley, S.J. , Halliday, W.D. , Mouy, X. and Diogou, N. 2021. Bowhead whales overwinter in the Amundsen Gulf and Eastern Beaufort Sea, R. Soc. Open. Sci 8(202268)
Kehm, G. 2021 North American Boreal Terrestrial Ecosystem Biomass: A Spatial Data Review,
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