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Dietz, S. et al. (incl. Ray, J.C.). 2021. Emerging issues for protected and conserved areas in Canada, FACETS
ONB Wolverine Team (McCaw, L., Scrafford, M. and Seguin, J.) Red Lake Wolverine Project Field Report Winter 2020-2021,
Harris, L. et al. (incl. Southee, M. and Ray, J.C.). 2021. The essential carbon service provided by northern peatlands, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Steiner, N.S. et al (incl. Insley, S.J. ). 2021. Climate change impacts on sea-ice ecosystems and associated ecosystem services, Elementa Science of the Anthropocene
BEPSII BEPSII Policy Brief - Effective Arctic climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies require consideration of biogeochemical and ecological impacts of sea-ice decline.,
Ahmadia, G.N. et al. (incl. Darling, E.S.). 2021. Limited Progress in Improving Gender and Geographic Representation in Coral Reef Science,
McCabe, R. A. et al. (incl. Reid, D.). 2021. Density-dependent winter survival of immatures in an irruptive raptor with pulsed breeding, Oecologica
Brown, N.A.W., Halliday, W.D., Balshine, S. and Juanes, F. 2021. Low-amplitude noise elicits the Lombard effect in plainfin midshipman mating vocalizations in the wild, Animal Behaviour 181:29-39
Scrafford, M. 2021. Red Lake Wolverine Project Field Report 2019-2020,
Grorud-Colvert K. et al. (incl. Darling, E.S.). 2021. The MPA Guide: A framework to achieve global goals for the ocean, Science 373(6560)
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