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Gretchen L Lescord, Thomas A. Johnston, Brian A Branfireun, John M Gunn 2019. Mercury bioaccumulation in relation to changing physicochemical and ecological factors across a large and undisturbed boreal watershed, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Dr. Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Matt Carlson, Dr. Constance O'Connor, Dr. Brie Edwards, Meg Southee, and Dr. Michael Sullivan 2017. Assessing the Potential Cumulative Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Freshwater Fish in Northern Ontario, Conservation Report
Whitney R. Lonsdale, Heidi E. Kretser, Cheryl-Lesley B. Chetkiewicz, Molly S. Cross 2017. Similarities and Differences in Barriers and Opportunities Affecting Climate Change Adaptation Action in Four North American Landscapes, Environmental management
Josef MacLeod,Wendel (Bill) Keller, Andrew M. Paterson, Richard D. Dyer, John M. Gunn 2016. Scale and watershed features determine lake chemistry patterns across physiographic regions in the far north of Ontario, Canada, Journal of limnology
Kathryn E. Hargan, Clare Nelligan, Adam Jeziorski, Kathleen M. Rühland, Andrew M. Paterson, Wendel Keller, John P. Smol 2016. Tracking the long-term responses of diatoms and cladocerans to climate warming and human influences across lakes of the Ring of Fire in the Far North of Ontario, Canada, journal of paleolimnology
Erin L. Koen, Justina C. Ray, Jeff Bowman, F. Neil Dawson, Audrey J. Magoun 2008. Surveying and Monitoring Wolverines in Ontario and Other Lowland, Boreal Forest Habitats - Recommendations and Protocols,
Magoun, A.J., K. F. Abraham, J. E. Thompson, J.C. Ray, M.E. Gauthier, G. Brown, G. Woolmer, C. Chenier, and N. Dawson 2005. Distribution and relative abundance of caribou in the Hudson Plains Ecozone of Ontario, Rangifer
Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Jenni McDermid, Molly Cross, Erica Rowland 2013. Climate Change and Freshwater Fish in Ontario's Far North, NA
Jenni McDermid, Mohammed Al-Shamlih 20012. Variation in Acute Thermal Tolerance within and among Hatchery Strains of Brook Trout, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
Jenni L. McDermid, Brian J. Shuter, Nigel P. Lester 2010. Life history differences parallel environmental differences among North American lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) populations, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
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