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Keatts, L. O., Robards, M., Olson, S.H., Hueffer, K., Insley, S.J. , Joly, D.O., Kutz, S., Lee, D.S., Chetkiewicz, C-L, B. , Lair, S., Preston, N.D., Pruvot, M., Ray, J.C. , Reid, D. , Sleeman, J.M., Stimmelmayr, R., Stephen, C. and Walzer, C. 2021. Implications of Zoonoses From Hunting and Use of Wildlife in North American Arctic and Boreal Biomes: Pandemic Potential, Monitoring, and Mitigation, Frontiers in Public Health
Kehm, G. 2021 North American Boreal Terrestrial Ecosystem Biomass: A Spatial Data Review,
Southee, F.M., Edwards, B.A., Chetkiewicz, C-L. B. and O’Connor, C.M. 2021. Freshwater conservation planning in the far north of Ontario, Canada: identifying priority watersheds for the conservation of fish biodiversity in an intact boreal landscape, FACETS 6: 90–117
Cooke, S.J., Cech, J.J., Glassman, D.M., Simard, J., Louttit, S., Lennox, R.J., Cruz-Font, L. and O’Connor, C.M. 2020. Water resource development and sturgeon (Acipenseridae): state of the science and research gaps related to fish passage, entrainment, impingement and behavioural guidance, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (PDF)
Lescord, G.L., Johnston, T.A., Heerschap, M.J., Keller, W., Southee, F.M., O'Connor, C.M., Dyer, R.D., Branfireun, B.A., and Gunn, J.M. 2019. Arsenic, chromium, and other elements of concern in fish from remote boreal lakes and rivers: Drivers of variation and implications for subsistence consumption, Environmental Pollution
Gretchen L Lescord, Thomas A. Johnston, Brian A Branfireun, John M Gunn Mercury bioaccumulation in relation to changing physicochemical and ecological factors across a large and undisturbed boreal watershed, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Ray, J.C., Poley, L.G., Magoun, A.J., Chetkiewicz, C.B., Southee, F.M. , Dawson, F.N., Chenier, C. 2018. Modelling broad-scale wolverine occupancy in a remote boreal region using multi-year aerial survey data, Journal of Biogeography 45: 1478-1489.
Dr. Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Matt Carlson, Dr. Constance O'Connor, Dr. Brie Edwards, Meg Southee, and Dr. Michael Sullivan Assessing the Potential Cumulative Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Freshwater Fish in Northern Ontario, Conservation Report
Lonsdale, W.R., Kretser, H.E., Chetkiewicz, C.-L. B. and Cross, M.S. 2017. Similarities and Differences in Barriers and Opportunities Affecting Climate Change Adaptation Action in Four North American Landscapes, Environmental Management 60(6):1076-1089
Josef MacLeod,Wendel (Bill) Keller, Andrew M. Paterson, Richard D. Dyer, John M. Gunn Scale and watershed features determine lake chemistry patterns across physiographic regions in the far north of Ontario, Canada, Journal of limnology
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