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Keatts, L. O., Robards, M., Olson, S.H., Hueffer, K., Insley, S.J. , Joly, D.O., Kutz, S., Lee, D.S., Chetkiewicz, C-L, B. , Lair, S., Preston, N.D., Pruvot, M., Ray, J.C. , Reid, D. , Sleeman, J.M., Stimmelmayr, R., Stephen, C. and Walzer, C. 2021. Implications of Zoonoses From Hunting and Use of Wildlife in North American Arctic and Boreal Biomes: Pandemic Potential, Monitoring, and Mitigation, Frontiers in Public Health
Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C. and Sharma, S. 2020. Impacts of co‐occurring environmental changes on Alaskan stream fishes, Freshwater Biology
Stralberg, D. et al. (including Cooke, H.A.). 2020. Climate‐change refugia in boreal North America: what, where, and for how long, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 18(5): 261-270
Cooke, H.A. and Tauzer, L.M. 2020. Unique songbird communities in mature riparian spruce forest compared with upland forest in southern Yukon, Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C., and Sharma, S. 2019. The interactive effects of climate change and land use on boreal stream fish communities, Science of the Total Environment 700
Weaver, John The Greater Muskwa-Kechika - Building a better network for protecting wildlife and wildlands ,
Ralston, J., Lorenc, L., Montes, M., DeLuca, W., Kirchman, J., Woodworth, B., Mackenzie, S., Newman, A., Cooke, H.A., Freeman, N., Sutton, A., Tauzer, L., and Norris, R.D. 2019. Length polymorphisms at two candidate genes explain variation of migratory behaviors in blackpoll warblers (Setophaga striata), Ecology and Evolution 9, 8840–8855.
DeLuca, W.V., Woodworth, B.K. Mackenzie, S.A., Newman, A.E.M., Cooke, H.A., Phillips, L.M., Freeman, N.E., Sutton, A.O., Tauzer, L., McIntyre, C., Stenhouse, J.I., Weidensaul, S., Taylor, P.D., and Norris, R.D. 2019. A boreal songbird's 20,000 km migration across North America and the Atlantic Ocean, Ecology 100(5): e02651.
Leung, M. C.-Y., Bolduc, E., Doyle, F.I., Reid, D.G., Gilbert, B.S., Kenney, A.J., Krebs, C.J. & Bêty, J. Phenology of hatching and food in low Arctic passerines and shorebirds - is there a mismatch, Arctic Science, 4(4), 538-556
Doyle, F.I., Therrien, J-F., Reid, D.G., Gauthier, G. & Krebs, C.J Seasonal movements of female snowy owls breeding in the western Canadian Arctic, Journal of Raptor Research, 51, 428-438
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