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Kemna, C.J., Nagy-Reis, M.B., and Scrafford, M.A. 2020. Temporal segregation among sympatric boreal predators, Mammal Research 65: 565–572
Scrafford, M.A., Nobert, B.R., and Boyce, M.S. 2020. Beaver (Castor canadensis) use of borrow pits in an industrial landscape in northwestern Alberta, Journal of Environmental Management 269.
Ray, J.C., Poley, L.G., Magoun, A.J., Chetkiewicz, C.B., Southee, F.M. , Dawson, F.N., Chenier, C. 2018. Modelling broad-scale wolverine occupancy in a remote boreal region using multi-year aerial survey data, Journal of Biogeography 45: 1478-1489.
Scrafford, M.A. and Boyce, M.S. 2018. Temporal patterns of wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus) foraging in the boreal forest, Journal of Mammology 99(3): 693-701.
Scrafford, M.A., Avgar, T., Heeres, R. and Boyce, M.S. 2018. Roads elicit negative movement and habitat-selection responses by wolverines (Gulo gulo luscus), Behavioural Ecology 29(3): 534-542.
Hilary Cooke Securing a Wild Future - Planning for Landscape-Scale Conservation of Yukon's Boreal Mountains, Conservation Report
Scrafford, M.A., Avgar, T., Abercrombie, B., Tigner, J., and Boyce, M.S. 2017. Wolverine habitat selection in response to anthropogenic disturbance in the western Canadian boreal forest, Forest Ecology and Management
Webb, S.M., Anderson, R.B., Manzer, D.L., Abercrombie, B., Bildson, B., Scrafford, M.A. and Boyce, M.S. 2016. Distribution of female wolverines relative to snow cover, Alberta, Canada, Wildlife Management 80(8): 1461-1470.
Dawson, N.F., Magoun, A.J., Bowman, J. and Ray, J.C. . 2010. Wolverine, Gulo gulo, Home Range Size and Denning Habitat in Lowland Boreal Forest in Ontario, Canadian Field Naturalist 124(2): 139-144.
Bowman, J. Ray, J.C. , Magoun, A.J., johnson, D.S. and Dawson, F.N. 2010. Roads, logging, and the large-mammal community of an eastern Canadian boreal forest, Canadian Journal of Zoology 88: 454-467.
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