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Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C., Sharma, S. 2019. The interactive effects of climate change and land use on boreal stream fish communities, Science of the Total Environment 700
Mantyka‐Pringle, C., Leston, L., Messmer, D., Asong, E., Bayne, E.M., Bortolotti, L.E., Sekulic, G., Wheater, H., Howerter, D.W. and Clark, R.G. 2019. Antagonistic, synergistic and direct effects of land use and climate on Prairie wetland ecosystems - Ghosts of the past or present, Diversity and Distributions 1-17
Ehrich D. et al. (including Reid D.G.) 2019. Documenting lemming population change in the Arctic - Can we detect trends, Ambio
Ralston, J., Lorenc, L., Montes, M., DeLuca, W., Kirchman, J., Woodworth, B., Mackenzie, S., Newman, A., Cooke, H.A., Freeman, N., Sutton, A., Tauzer, L., and Norris, R.D. 2019. Length polymorphisms at two candidate genes explain variation of migratory behaviors in blackpoll warblers (Setophaga striata), Ecology and Evolution 9, 8840–8855.
Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME)* 2019. Underwater noise in the Arctic - A state of knowledge report, Roveniemi, May 2019. PAME Secretariat, Akureyri. *Report written by Halliday, W.D., Pine, M.K., and Insley, S.J.
Lawson, K.J., Lausen, C.L., Mancuso, K.A., Volkmann, L.A., Gooliaff, T.J., Hutchen, J., Teichman, K.J., Kelly, A.J. and Hodges, K.E. 2019. Bat activity and richness in beetle-killed forests in southern British Columbia, Journal of Mammalogy 100(2): 510-517
DeLuca, W.V., Woodworth, B.K. Mackenzie, S.A., Newman, A.E.M., Cooke, H.A., Phillips, L.M., Freeman, N.E., Sutton, A.O., Tauzer, L., McIntyre, C., Stenhouse, J.I., Weidensaul, S., Taylor, P.D., and Norris, R.D. 2019. A boreal songbird's 20,000 km migration across North America and the Atlantic Ocean, Ecology 100(5): e02651.
Lausen, C.L., Proctor, M., Nagorsen, D.W., Burles, D., Paetkau, D., Harmston, E., Blejwas, K., Govindarajulu, P., and Friis, L. 2019. Population genetics reveal Myotis keenii (Keen's myotis) and Myotis evotis (long-eared myotis) to be a single species, Canadian Journal of Zoology 97(3): 267–279
Bartley, T.J., McCann, K.S., Bieg, C., Cazelles, K., Granados, M., Guzzo, M.M., MacDougall, A.S., Tunney, T.D., and McMeans, B.C. 2019. Food web rewiring in a changing world, Nature Ecology & Evolution 3, 345–354
Kythreotis, A.P., Mantyka-Pringle, C., Mercer, T.G., Whitmarsh, L.E., Corner, A., Paavola, J., Chambers, C., Miller, B.A., and Castree, N. 2019. Citizen social science for more integrative and effective climate action: A science-policy perspective, Frontiers in Environmental Science 7(10)
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