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Nishi, John S 2010. ABS Working Paper No.3 A Review of Best Practices and Principles for Bison Disease Issues - Greater Yellowstone and Wood Buffalo Areas, American Bison Society Working Paper Series
Kent H. Redford and Eva Fearn 2007. ABS Working Paper No. 1 Ecological Future of Bison in North America, A Report from a Multi-Stakeholder, Transboundary Meeting, ABS Working Paper Series
Jedediah F. Brodie 2008. ABS Working Paper No. 2 A Review of American Bison (Bos bison) Demography and Population Dynamics, ABS Working Paper Series
Samuel D. Fuhlendorf, Brady W. Allred, Robert G. Hamilton 2010. ABS Working Paper No. 4 Bison as Keystone Herbivores on the Great Plains, Can Cattle Serve as Proxy for Evolutionary Grazing Patterns, ABS Working Paper Series
Joly, D.O. and F. Messier 2005. The effect of bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis on reproduction and survival of bison in Wood Buffalo National Park, Journal of Animal Ecology
Chapinal, N., B.T. Elkin, D.O. Joly, B.A. Schumaker, and C. Stephen 2012. Agreement between the caudal fold test and serological tests for the detection of Mycobacterium bovis infection in bison, Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Heisey, D.H., D.O. Joly, and F. Messier 2006. The fitting of general force-of-infection models to wildlife disease prevalence data, Ecology
Ray, J.C. 2010. Conservation planning with large carnivores and ungulates in eastern North America - learning from the past to plan for the future, Landscape-scale Conservation Planning
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