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Lausen, C.L. , Proctor, M.F., Paetkau, D., Nagorsen, D.W., Govindarajulu, P., Burles, D. and Blejwas, K. 2021. Reply to the comment by Morales et al. on “Population genetics reveal Myotis keenii (Keen’s myotis) and Myotis evotis (long-eared myotis) to be a single species”, Canadian Journal of Zoology 99(5): 423-432
Hranac, C., Haase, C.G., Fuller, N.W., McClure, M.L., Marshall, J.C., Lausen, C.L. , McGuire, L.P., Olson, S.H. and Hayman, D.T.S. 2021. What is winter - Modelling spatial variation in bat host traits and hibernation and their implications for overwintering energetics, Ecology and Evolution
Solick, D.,Barclay, R.M.R., Bishop-Boros, L., Hays, Q.R., and Lausen, C.L. 2020. Updated Distributions of Eastern and Western Red Bats in Western North America, Western North American Naturalist 80: 90-97
Lawson, K.J., Lausen, C.L., Mancuso, K.A., Volkmann, L.A., Gooliaff, T.J., Hutchen, J., Teichman, K.J., Kelly, A.J. and Hodges, K.E. 2019. Bat activity and richness in beetle-killed forests in southern British Columbia, Journal of Mammalogy 100(2): 510-517
Lausen, C.L., Proctor, M., Nagorsen, D.W., Burles, D., Paetkau, D., Harmston, E., Blejwas, K., Govindarajulu, P., and Friis, L. 2019. Population genetics reveal Myotis keenii (Keen's myotis) and Myotis evotis (long-eared myotis) to be a single species, Canadian Journal of Zoology 97(3): 267–279
Davy, C.M., Donaldson, M.E., Rico, Y., Lausen, C.L., Dogantzis, K., Ritchie, K., Willis, C.K.R., Burles, D.W., Jung, T.S., McBurney, S., Park, A., McAlpine, D.J., Vanderwolf, K.F., Kyle, C.J. Prelude to a panzootic - gene flow and immunogenetic variation in northern little brown myotis vulnerable to bat white-nose syndrome, FACETS 2: 690-714
Klüg-Baerwald, B.J., Lausen, C.L., Willis, C.K.R., and Brigham, R.M. Home is where you hang your bat - winter roost selection by prairie-living big brown bats, Journal of Mammalogy 98(3), 752–760
Player, D., Lausen C.L., Zaitlin, B., Harrison, J., Paetkau, D., Harmston, E. An alternative minimally invasive technique for genetic sampling of bats- Wing swabs yield species identification, Wildlife Society Bulletin 41: 590-596
Ommundsen, P., Lausen, C.L., and Matthias, L. First Acoustic Records of the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) In British Columbia, Northwestern Naturalist 98: 132-136
Klüg-Baerwald, B.J., Gower, L.E., Lausen, C.L., and Brigham, R.M. Environmental correlates and energetics of winter flight by bats in Southern Alberta, Canada, Canadian Journal of Zoology 94(12), 829-836
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