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Southee, F.M., Edwards, B.A., Chetkiewicz, C-L. B. and O’Connor, C.M. 2021. Freshwater conservation planning in the far north of Ontario, Canada: identifying priority watersheds for the conservation of fish biodiversity in an intact boreal landscape, FACETS 6: 90–117
Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C. and Sharma, S. 2020. Impacts of co‐occurring environmental changes on Alaskan stream fishes, Freshwater Biology
Cooke, S.J., Cech, J.J., Glassman, D.M., Simard, J., Louttit, S., Lennox, R.J., Cruz-Font, L. and O’Connor, C.M. 2020. Water resource development and sturgeon (Acipenseridae): state of the science and research gaps related to fish passage, entrainment, impingement and behavioural guidance, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (PDF)
Lescord, G.L., Johnston, T.A., Heerschap, M.J., Keller, W., Southee, F.M., O'Connor, C.M., Dyer, R.D., Branfireun, B.A., and Gunn, J.M. 2019. Arsenic, chromium, and other elements of concern in fish from remote boreal lakes and rivers: Drivers of variation and implications for subsistence consumption, Environmental Pollution
Murdoch, A., Mantyka-Pringle, C., and Sharma, S. 2019. The interactive effects of climate change and land use on boreal stream fish communities, Science of the Total Environment 700
Cruz‐Font, L., Shuter, B.J., Blanchfield, P.J., Minns, C.K., and Rennie, M.D. 2019. Life at the top. Lake ecotype influences the foraging pattern, metabolic costs and life history of an apex fish predator, Journal of Animal Ecology 88, 702-716
Dr. Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Matt Carlson, Dr. Constance O'Connor, Dr. Brie Edwards, Meg Southee, and Dr. Michael Sullivan Assessing the Potential Cumulative Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Freshwater Fish in Northern Ontario, Conservation Report
McDermid, J.L., Browne, D.R., Chetkiewicz, C-L. B. and Chu, C. 2015. Identifying a suite of surrogate freshwaterscape fish species - a case study of conservation prioritization in Ontario's Far North., Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecoystems 25(6): 855-873
Minns, C.K., B.J. Shuter, and J.L. McDermid Regional projections of climate change effects on Ontario lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) populations,
Brie A Edwards, F. Meg Southee, and Jenni L. McDermid Using climate and a minimum set of local characteristics to predict the future distributions of freshwater fish in Ontario, Canada, at the lake-scale, Global Ecology and Conservation
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