Caribou and Mining Story Map

Mineral exploration activities can disturb caribou and contribute to their habitat loss. Ontario’s Far North is a region with great potential mineral wealth, including the world-class mineral deposits of chromite in the Ring of Fire. Keeping track of mineral exploration activities in this remote region is particularly important to caribou because of the sensitivity of these animals to disturbance and their need for intact spaces.

WCS Canada has developed an interactive on-line story map that shows how we can track the cumulative disturbance from mineral exploration on the ranges of boreal caribou in Ontario.  This story map introduces a mapping tool where users can access information about mining claim ownership and the status of exploration permits all in one place, and track this disturbance over time and space.


Key Staff

Meg Southee
Lead Geospatial Analyst/Programmer
Justina Ray
President & Senior Scientist
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