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07 May 2018
Joint Comment - Amending the Federal Fisheries Act - May 2018

Joint letter to the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans outlining 3 important modifications to strengthen and modernize the proposed amended federal Fisheries Act.
18 April 2018
Joint Comment - Reforming Federal Environmental Legislation - April 2018

Letter from WCS Canada and other organisations regarding the project list approach under the proposed Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69).
31 August 2017
Joint Comment - Reforming Federal Environmental Assessment Legislation - August 2017

Letter from WCS Canada and four organisations that have been deeply engaged in reform of federal impact assessment law and policy and have participated in numerous environmental assessments across Canada, summarizing nine key features we will be looking for in legislation that is expected to be introduced in early 2018.
04 November 2016
Joint Comment - Ontario Wetland Conservation Strategy - November 2016

Joint letter to Minister Kathryn McGarry (Ontario Natural Resources and Forestry) regarding the draft provincial Wetland Conservation Strategy outlining nine key issues and recommendations to fulfil the Premier’s pledge “that by 2025 the loss of wetlands in our province will be reversed”.
14 March 2016
WCS Canada Comments - Fisheries Act Update - March 2016

We request that previous habitat protections of the federal Fisheries Act, which were weakened by omnibus Bill C-38 in 2012, be reinstated immediately. We further recommend improved monitoring and enforcement, and recommend that consultations and deliberations begin in the near term on incorporating other "modern safeguards" into the Fisheries Act with a view of completing the process within a two-year time frame. In line with the Minister's mandate letter, the Fisheries Act should also include protection for recognized and affirmed Treaty and Aboriginal rights that ensures healthy fish populations and habitat to sustain these rights in perpetuity.
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