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10 October 2018
WCS Canada Comments – Final Recommended Plan for the Peel Watershed – October 2018

We strongly support the Final Plan as put forward by the Peel Watershed Planning Commission. In particular, we support the high level of protection proposed, and the emphasis on restricting development of linear access corridors and the use of motorized vehicles on the conservation lands. Herein we outline minor changes we advise making to the Final Recommended Plan. They include allowing permanent legal protection of Wilderness Area Zones and disallowing the use of off-road vehicles on trails within them. We also advise several changes to the details surrounding designation of protected areas, and implementation of the plan and conformity checks.
15 March 2018
WCS Canada Comments - North Spirit Lake First Nation Community Based Land Use Plan Terms of Reference - March 2018

We provided comments on the general approach to planning in the far north, particularly limitations under the Far North Land Use Strategy. We provided specific comments on the Terms of Reference and supported their interest in cultural keystone species such as moose and berries and encouraged a similar focus on freshwater fishes.
05 February 2018
WCS Canada Comments on Ecological Integrity in Ontario's Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves, A Discussion Paper - February 2018

Ecological integrity is the guiding purpose for protected area planning and management in Ontario by law. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is developing a strategic framework that guides ecological integrity work in Ontario’s provincial parks and conservation reserves. The release of a discussion paper, Ecological Integrity in Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves: A Discussion Paper is one of the first steps in developing this strategic framework. We provided high‐level recommendations on ecological integrity in planning and management, particularly as the effort to address ecological integrity is interconnected with a myriad of Ontario policies from climate change to the Far North Land Use Strategy to Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy. We also provide responses to questions posed in the Discussion Paper.
02 February 2018
WCS Canada Comments - Kashechewan First Nation (KFN) Community  Based Land Use Plan Terms of Reference (TOR) - December 2017

I provided comments on the general approach to planning in the far north, particularly limitations under the Far North Land Use Strategy and challenges in addressing regional-scale issues that will impact Kashechewan such as protected areas planning, climate change, and cumulative effects. I provided specific comments on the Terms of Reference and noted the inability of Ontario to address marine areas of interest identified by Kashechewan.
27 May 2017
WCS Canada Comments on Application to issue an exploration permit under section 78.3 of the Mining Act. ‐ Mining Act s.78 (3)

Ontario’s Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) approves mineral exploration permits in Ontario under the Mining Act s. 78(3). We provided comments on PR-17-11094 submitted by Noront Muketei Minerals Ltd. and their permit application (PR‐17‐11094) for exploration activities in the Ring of Fires, specifically in the Missisa caribou range. We recommended additional screening given overlap with areas of high occupancy for wolverine, caribou, and moose in addition to including best management practices for caribou and wolverine and made recommendations on freshwater fish, benthics, and protected areas in the claim area.
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