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31 October 2018
WCS Canada Comments - NSERC's New Research Partnership Program Review - October 2018

WCS Canada staff provided feedback on the NSERC’s redesigned Research Partnerships Program.
31 May 2018
WCS Canada Comments - Polar Knowledge Canada's 2020 to 2025 Research Plan and Strategic Plan - May 2018

WCS Canada arctic staff provide comments and recommendations are in response to a request for input from Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR), which is in the process of developing its next 5-year Research Plan and broader agency-wide Strategic Plan to guide the agency’s future funding, programs and activities from 2020 to 2025.
26 October 2016
WCS Canada Comments - Environmental Bill of Rights Review - October 2016

Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR) is an environmental law unlike any other in the world, providing the people of Ontario with the right to participate in environmentally significant decision‐making. It is being publicly reviewed by the Government of Ontario for the first time. Our comments address several specific questions posed in a Ministry of Environment & Climate Change discussion paper and provide specific recommendations in areas where we have the most expertise.
29 September 2015
WCS Canada Comments - Bill 37 Invasive Species Act - September 2015

We support the need for an Invasive Species Act and recognize that the current legislation represents significant progress towards filling the gaps in a patchwork of provincial and federal acts. We note four main issues with the current proposal: a lack of emphasis on precaution and prevention that prioritizes science and traditional ecological knowledge; the lack of a transparent, science-based process for listing invasive species in Ontario; a lack of emphasis and support for stewardship efforts and programs to control and eradicate invasive species; and, a lack of attention to Ontario's Far North as a unique environment for proactive planning, particularly given invasive species. We provide ten recommendations designed to clarify, correct, and prevent these issues.
14 August 2014
WCS Canada Comments - Bill 167 Invasive Species Act - April 2014

Bill 167 (an Act regarding Invasive Species) is focused on creating a legislative framework for the identification of invasive species that threaten Ontario’s natural environment. We found the current bill to be primarily reactive and does not address the prevention of introducing invasive species. We suggest mandatory compliance and coordination across all Ontario ministries and agencies to further establish their mechanisms for coordination and cooperation. We suggest that all invasive species, regardless of their risk category, are priorities for prevention, eradication and restoration. This legislation should be revised to more closely reflect the goals and key action items of the Ontario Invasive Species Strategic Plan, including prevention measures and cooperation across current Ontario policies, plans, agencies, and departments.
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