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Donation receipting 

WCS Canada is a Canadian registered charity, meaning your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. WCS Canada will issue an official receipt for income tax purposes to all donations of $20 or more. Monthly donations will receive a consolidated tax receipt at the beginning of the new year.

Our mailing address

Your donation cheque or money order can be mailed to our head office at: 
WCS Canada 
Attention: Donations 
344 Bloor Street West, Suite 204 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3A7


You can also donate to WCS Canada via CanadaHelps. Click here. 

Please note that your donations via CanadaHelps will be receipted directly by CanadaHelps. If you have any questions about your tax receipt (e.g. have not received it yet or the information there is incorrect), please contact CanadaHelps at 

Fundraising events

WCS Canada does not organize fundraising events but we are grateful to receive donations from clubs, schools, and other community groups that do.

Marketing promotions & donations of proceeds

WCS Canada does not participate in fundraising through marketing promotions or product sales. We are nonetheless grateful to receive a charitable donation, in return for which we will provide an official receipt for income tax purposes. You can donate online here or by mailing us a cheque to the address above.

Use of WCS Canada logo and name

WCS Canada logo is a service mark of Wildlife Conservation Society. Both our name and logo cannot be used without permission.

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